AI Policy Series: Artificial Intelligence and Elections

June 27, 2024

About This Policy Brief

With the 2024 election cycle underway, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in campaign practices, election administration, and voter information is on the rise.

Policymakers, election administrators, and political candidates are seeking to enhance AI's beneficial uses while placing guardrails to prevent its negative applications, as AI is used in various stages of the election process, including chatbots for voter information and software for verifying mail-in ballot signatures, as well as in political advertisements and public opinion polling.

This policy brief examines the uses -- as well as potential benefits and risks -- of AI's applications in the election process and an analysis of current legislative trends.

Future Research

As AI technology evolves, so do proposed policies and regulations. In the coming months, the Guinn Center will continue to explore AI use across topic areas such as education, workforce development, and healthcare. Similarly, these briefs will continue to evolve as we learn new information.

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